Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What color was that wedding?

Thoroughly enjoyed The Red Wedding.  But then I've read the books.

We saw Star Trek: Into Darkness last weekend - in IMAX 3D even - and we enjoyed it.  The homages to TOS got a little too heavy there at the end.  I was both enjoying the hell out of them and groaning inside at the same time.  A few plot holes, but overall a fairly well done flick.

Oh, and we saw Iron Man 3 like over a month ago.  Damn grad school.  My son thought it was too intense.  Similarly to Star Trek, I was both impressed and disappointed in the way they handled the Mandarin.  It was a better movie than Star Trek, I think, but then I was having to answer about 100 questions a minute from a 5-year old boy for the first half, and then cradle his head when the scary flaming under the skin AIM guys were fighting Iron Man at the end.

I think Iron Man 3 has been out long enough that this isn't considered spoilerish.  At least I hope so.

Lots more movies on the horizon I hope to get to see.  And I hear Arrow is a pretty awesome show.  Want to check that out, too.  Maybe when I get these papers done...

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  1. By now it's a sort of rust-brown...

    I've enjoyed Arrow-although I would think Oliver Queen would be followed by Paparazzi everywhere these days, which might cramp his vigilante style a bit. The Smoak show is the best part.