Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nostalgia Re-Issued

I don't know how many of you know this, but the classic 70's/80's toy space men figures, Galaxy Laser Team, have been reissued! 
Less colorful than before, but otherwise the same.

I just ordered a set...for my son, of course...  Found the Tim Mee (same manufacturer) Cavemen set, a new set of Zombies vs. Zombie Hunters, and a set of Gundam style knockoff robots as well. 

A Korean internet retailer had just the Galaxy Laser Team for $45.  All four sets from Amazon came to about the same price (with Super Saver Shipping to my folks' house in Illinois).  Since my parents were already about to ship me some stuff, they can just throw these in and it won't cost them any extra.

And now my son and I can act out all kinds of awesome fantasy adventures across our living room!

And once I get my paper done, I may try creating stats for Star Frontiers for the aliens.


  1. Ooh ooh!!! Thank's for the heads up! I loved these guys when I was a kid. Now that I'm playing "Stars Without Number" I have the perfect excuse to buy them, too.

    Those zombie hunters might get some use, too.

  2. I was just thinking about these figures the other day. I had lots of them but it was so long ago the name escaped me. Thanks for posting the info on 'em!