Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Book of Beasts

I now have up for download, completely free of charge, a collection of various monsters that have appeared on this here blog.

Within its twenty five pages (counting the cover), you'll find all 52 of my Beast of the Week entries, plus twenty more critters that appeared on the blog in the past.  That's right, 72 new(ish) monsters for your old school gaming pleasure!  Stats are in BECMI format, but I'm sure that if you're playing an OSR game, or even 3/4E/PF, you'll be able to manage any conversions necessary to your game of choice.

Download away!  And happy hunting, Dungeon Masters...


  1. Great stuff! And a nicely small file for storage too.

  2. good for you. congratulation.

  3. Nice! Cheers man. My semester is ending soon so you might see me in a game again...