Saturday, January 26, 2013

11 herbs and spices

Dean's been running an occasional 4E game set in Eberron over G+ Hangouts for when we can't play in Vaults of Ur (Justin's been on vacation, so no Ur for a while now, we're getting back to it next week).

Anyway, we just finished up a game of Dean's.  Jeremy currently plays a Human Barbarian with some draconic/reptilian blood named Harkinn.  Big giant anime sword weilding bruiser. [He started out with a Minotaur Invoker? Warlock?  Something with a dark pact magic.]  I play a Githzerai Swordmage named Ryuden Kenjumon.  Extraplanar Jedi with elemental sword strikes.  When they play, Rob plays Cog the Warforged Cleric and Brian plays Ferramunga Blackboots, a Half Elf Swashbuckler (reskinning the Barbarian class actually).

We've been on the trail of some extraplanar prophecy, explored magical towers (I missed that), fought cultists, fought a traveling pack of clown/acrobat/jester Elves, been on the run from opposition noblemen, and other fun stuff.

Tonight, it was just myself and Jeremy.  And after leaving the clown Elven corpses behind (Kenjumon finding a nice new magic sword), we came across a small knight's castle.  Inside, the lord of the castle, Sir Jeuse, asked us to go hunting with him.  His peasants had been telling tales of a large bird monster in the woods.

We accepted, tracked it down, and spent a large share of the game battling a turducken.  It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I made the session because Dean got the idea from me.  He implemented it in a nice way, too.  Whenever the bird became bloodied, it had extra bird claws (and other random bits) appearing out of the wounds, and then it got more attacks.  It only had one hit point total, though, so once we'd vanquished the 12' tall turkey, we didn't then have to face the 9' tall duck followed by the 6' tall chicken.  Good thing, too, because for the second (or is it third) time, Ryuden has been dropped to negative hit points.  Guess that's what I get for being a, excuse me, "Defender" but wearing leather armor and having a schtick of flying around the battlefield hitting people with an icy or electrically charged sword, instead of being a dude in heavy armor.

Anyway, Dean has given me a new appreciation for 4E.  It's still not a favorite system of mine, but I'm having more fun playing in Dean's game than in any of the other times I've tried 4E.

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  1. Lord Gwydion, I have posted a description and the statistics for the Turducken in the Facebook group for my game for you to use.