Monday, December 3, 2012

Beast of the Week (overdue): Jack Frost

A day late, but I'll post another beastie later this week and all will be square.

Winter is coming!  And while I'm not going to be giving you stats for George R.R. Martin's White Walkers, I will give you a nice wintery monster to hopefully add some interest to your games in the next couple of months.

Jack Frost
AC: 6 (14)
HD: 3*
Move: 120 (40) Fly 150 (50)
Attacks: 1 breath
Damage: 1d8+paralysis
No. Appearing: 1d6 (1d10)
Save As: E3
Morale: 8
Treasure Type: B
Alignment: Chaotic
XP: 50

Jack Frosts are small fey creatures, related to pixies and sprites and similar to them in appearance.  They are typically only encountered in the wintertime, in arctic climates, or in high snow-capped mountains.   They are mischievous, and like to torment anyone that strays out in the cold.  In combat, they breathe frosty air on opponents (needing a normal hit roll).  Those hit by their breath must Save vs. Paralysis or be held motionless by a coating of ice for 1d6 Rounds.  Jack Frosts are immune to cold-based attacks, and are so chilly that they naturally resist fire (as the ring).  Once per day, three Jack Frosts working together can cast an ice storm (as the spell, caster level 7).

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