Tuesday, December 11, 2012

28 years gaming

It's my birthday today.  Number 39.  I've been playing D&D for 28 years now.

My parents sent me an Amazon.com gift card.  Time to think about what to spend it on.  Probably a physical copy of one of the retro-clones (I saw at least the Labyrinth Lord core book through an Amazon vendor). 

The Hobbit also opens here in Korea in two days.  I'm gonna have to wait until Sunday to see it thanks to my busy schedule, but we've got plans laid.  But that's also part of my birthday celebration.


  1. Happy Birthday and Happy Gaming Anniversary! Many more of both!

  2. Happy Birthday. Back in Korea next Sunday. You, Pat, maybe Alex, and I should get some gaming in.
    Arkham Horror or some such.

  3. 28 years of roleplaying. That is something indeed for which to be thankful!
    (It will take me a while yet to achieve that: too many years wasted in the wildernesses of New Brunswick and pre-Busan-gamer Korea.)