Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Pace of Advancement.

The other day, Justin asked how many sessions we had played of his Vaults of Ur campaign. He thought it was around nine.  I checked my write-ups of the adventures. There have been seventeen sessions (I missed the very first one). 
In that time, Thidrek has advanced to 4th level. He had his first outing as a Sleestak Hero last game.  Very Elder Karl is also 4th level.  Ripper the Orc is 3rd and approaching 4th (Jeremy lost some hard earned XP through unfortunate PC deaths). 
The game is rather treasure poor, but Justin allows us up to 300 bonus XP per session for pictures and play reports. Without the bonus XP, Thidrek would only just be hitting 3rd level. The pace seems good to me, though. Having played in some faster advancing games (3E or Pathfinder), I can honestly say I like this slower speed. It gives us more time to develop our PCs.  Leveling up also feels like an achievement, rather than an entitlement.


  1. Slow paced level advancement is the best experience in a game. For me, once the game starts hitting high level it normally falls apart. Sounds like a great game you have there.

  2. It's something I'd gotten away from in the d20 years, but I'm glad I've gotten back to it. Of course, it probably helps that for most of the classes in BX/BECMI/LL, there aren't many perks for leveling up.

    Pathfinder's got something to look forward to almost every level of every class. Leads players to think, "As soon as I level up, I'll get X and be more badass!" But as soon as they get X, then they start yearning for Y at the next level.

    And yes, Jason, it is a fun game. Thanks!

  3. It also depends on the campaign. If the story is interactive enough, if the characters are allowed meaningful choices and at the same time if there are hooks to draw them into the world, then levels and even treasure will mean less. The Vaults of Ur fulfil those criteria for me. A fun group always helps as well.

  4. Happy to hear you guys don't mind the slow pace. I prefer the low-levels and will likely have no clue what to do with you all once you get around 7th.

  5. The experience point requirement doubles at each level right now, and it has taken at least six months to get this far, so it will take Elder Karl thirty more months to reach 7th level. No worries there.