Saturday, September 29, 2012

Got OSR game files you want to share?

Well, maybe some of you never even noticed, what with the infrequent posting around here, but when Mediafire started dicking around with my files and not being helpful at all, I nuked my account there.  Luckily, most of my downloadable files (over there --> at the top of the sidebar!) are back up thanks in no small part to Brad of Skull Crushing For Great Justice

Did you know he's got a website devoted to hosting files for us in the OSR?  Heard of it?

No, I hadn't either, until he chimed in on the comments to the post I made complaining about the douchebags who tagged Flying Swordsmen as being in potential violation of copyright.*

Anyway, Brad is running and that's where all my documents are now being hosted.  If you've got some game modules or your own retro-simulo-heart-breakero-Mine type game to distribute or whatever, I suggest you contact Brad and put them up on his site.  It's free and it was pretty easy.  And even though he's got an acidic wit on his blog (one of the reasons I like to read it), he was very patient with my annoying questions along the way.

What can I say, I've got no experience with web-site coding, or running servers, or anything.  I'm lazy and like to just use services like Blogger that do it all for me.  But Brad set me up with some server space to host my files, and helped with the FTP process, and all kinds of good stuff.

Now I just need to find where on my various hard drives the last couple files are (one went missing thanks to a missing USB flash memory stick, but I've got a hard copy I could use to recreate it) and get the last few files back up for people to download.

Thanks, Brad!

*Man, IP law is getting really fucked up.  There's no "innocent until proven guilty" when Hollywood and publishing houses and the music industry have deep pockets and aren't afraid to buy a politician or two.  I sent a rather abusive email to MediaFire during the dust-up.  Granted, they were being unhelpful, but when a nice lady replied to my rant politely and explained that they're legally required to treat claims of copyright infringement as guilty until proven innocent, I felt kinda bad for her.  They're just doing their jobs and following an unjust law because their bosses are too chicken-shit to fight it.

I need to be a) badgering my elected officials, and b) looking for the French douchebag company and trying to see if they have any materials on the web that I could then accuse of being in violation of my copyright and let them have to deal with what they dish out.  But since I've got grad school presentations and readings to take care of, I probably won't get around to either.


  1. Coolness on the new hosting site. But. . .

    The Magic Armor pdf link is linked to the Wands, Rods & Staves file.