Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Busy day!

Today, the package from home, with the second hand AD&D books I ordered, arrived.  The MM is in worse shape than advertised (cover is all bubbly and the bottom of the spine smooshed - the fact that about one in ten pictures have been colored bothers me a little, but at least whoever it was had good sense for the coloring schemes used), but the MMII and OA books are in very good condition. 

Also, as you've probably heard, the next D&D5 Play Test packet is available for download.  Downloaded it, haven't looked at it yet.

Ditto for Hackmaster Basic, which is now free in .pdf.  Downloaded, haven't looked at it yet.

I've got about 100 pages left of A Dance with Dragons, though, and it's due back at the library Thursday but I don't have time to take it back then.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, is a public holiday here in Korea (V-J Day) so if I can get it finished tonight or tomorrow morning, I can take it back and not have to worry about being overdue (although the penalty here is just not being able to check out more books for as long as you went over the due date).

And I kinda need to put something together for my next Flying Swordsmen game, too.

All that RPG reading will have to wait.


  1. Somebody coloured the pictures in...frightening!

  2. Hey man, I just picked up a mint condition MM for 3 bucks in Kyoto the other day. AD&D is not really my 'holy grail' - I am still looking for an old (3e or before) version of Stormbringer, and besides, I have a mint Rulescyclopedia. You want the MM? The spell checklist is still in there...

    1. Seriously? Sure. It probably doesn't cost that much to ship it from Kyoto to Busan.

      I'm still kicking myself for not buying a Japanese translation of the Mentzer Basic set in the Shinjuku Yellow Submarine before I left Japan. It was only about 2500yen.