Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beast of the Week: Skoffin

Turning to Icelandic lore for this week's beast, we get a variant basilisk called the Skoffin.

Armor Class: 4 (16)
Hit Dice: 6+1**
Move: 60 (20) Fly 150 (50)
Attacks: 1 + gaze
Damage: 1d10/petrification
No. Appearing: 1d6 (1d6)
Save As: Fighter 6
Morale: 9
Treasure Type: F
Alignment: Neutral
XP: 950

Skoffins are winged basilisks.  Unlike their land-bound cousins, skoffins have dragon-like wings that allow them clumsy flight.  The skoffin lacks the ability to petrify with its bite, only with its gaze (following the same rules for the basilisk).  Skoffins have a weakness to their own gaze attacks.  Any skoffin that meets the gaze of another skoffin, or its own gaze in a mirror, suffers a -4 penalty to its save vs. petrification.  Unlike a standard basilisk, a skoffin can only be damaged by silver or magical weapons.  Some rare skoffins are able to breathe fire, as a red dragon, in a cone 60' long and 20' wide at the far end, three times per day.  The breath weapon does damage equal to the skoffin's current hit points, although victims may make a save vs. breath weapon for half damage.

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