Thursday, July 19, 2012

Megadungeon Pictures

Dean drew a couple of pictures of his and Jeremy's expedition into my Megadungeon.

First, Elder Karl travels astrally between the ruined city of Ur and the strange land of elves, dwarves and non-ruined wattle-and-daub Silverwood, and explores the Great Dungeon of Yeffal the Cursed and Mad Wizard.  In those dungeons, he and Ripper the Orc encountered strange small dog-like men riding goats, and a trio of "elves" who were looking for hobgoblin thieves.

Another encounter the pair faced was that of a zombie mule.  Karl quickly turned the foul beast, only to be tormented by the sound of clinking coins in the saddlebags of the necrotic pack beast!

Some of you may have seen his pictures on G+ already.  I just wanted to get them up here on the blog.

Dean, 200 xp for Elder Karl!  And thanks for the pics!


  1. There is also the portrait of the Dwarven jeweler in his shop where we traded in our silver coins. I asked some of my kindergartners to colour that one today.

    P.S. Not sure why the link I gave you to my blog does not work, but the cached page does open and has links thereon.

  2. Oh yeah, forgot about that one. I'll edit it in later when I've got the time. 300 XP for Elder Karl, instead of 200 XP.