Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I re-scanned the Flying Swordsmen map this morning.  I gave up on trying to find a print shop that had a big enough scanner to digitize the whole thing at once, and settled on the fact that to get a good scan I'd need to fold the original and use my home scanner.

Which I did.  I spent about an hour piecing the two scans together and more or less removing the seem, which was much easier to do than last time.  Anyway, my netbooks' almost out of power, so I'd better upload it here to show it off before I run out of battery.


  1. Cool...
    But where is the wall? You know you need a wall... the north-western border of Yu?

  2. Thanks, Ark.

    Rorschach, that's where it would go if there were one. Feel free to stick one in your campaign. My personal version instead has a sort of Maginot Line there. I'm trying for an "Isle of Dread" type setting description - just enough to inspire you to make it your own.