Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rough Week

Forgive the lack of substantive posts this week, please.  Working too much, grad school, all that.  Instead of more blathering about games, here's something to think about.

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  1. it's Jeremy... yep, totally with ya on this. silly... different blogs that i've read, vids that i've watched, etc. just state that this is a symptom of a capitalist economy and now that we are moving into the post-industrial phase of just such an economy (at least in the west) the manufacturing of perfunctory plastic conveniences should taper off. on the grim side, they (the powers that be) no longer need large standing populations to churn their economies. i think you get my drift, but imagine selling ice to eskimos. or perhaps, having acres and acres of corn and only a handful of people to feed. some... cough... paranoid types... maybe probably sort of... talk about "operation gardenplot"... anyway, i digress if i get to fringe i probably won't be invited to future games... lol

    i hope your schedule mellows a bit. i for one, and probably Brian too, would be keen for some OSR Megadungeon again.