Monday, April 25, 2011

My Love/Hate relationship with Safari

Safari the makers of plastic models of animals, not treks through African wilderness (something I've yet to experience).

They've put out another dragon, this one is an Ice Dragon.

So I'll be able to finally add a large white dragon to the minis mix.  As soon as my wife allows me some discretionary funds that is...  She's getting a little annoyed at my constant buying up of dragon figures from Safari, Schleich and Papo, even if I do play with them with our son.

And I'm still waiting for a black dragon mini that doesn't have two heads.


  1. Maybe you should try the age old "But you don't want to derpive our child of cold breath weapon attacks, do you?" angle. :)

  2. Sweet! Gonna have to pick this one up!

  3. I tell you these are a hundred times cooler than traditional dragon minis. I remember when the K&B Toys in the Manhattan Mall was going out of business I bought two Dragon action figures similar to what you show above, one green and one purple-ish. I repainted one slightly and it came out pretty cool.

    The figures were about a foot long and nearly 8-9 inches high. Compared to a 25mm mini of an Elf I finally had dragons close to my view of how big they should be (dragons in my homebrew D&D world are practically Kaiju - Japanese Giant Monster sized).

  4. Sorry to be off topic, but your 'cereal header' almost made me fall out of my chair.

    Ninja stickers! OH MY GOD!

  5. KM & BB--Just a matter of time until it's mine. Patience pays off.

    BA--I remember those dragons when the KB Toys in my home area closed down. I wanted to get a couple, but I didn't have room in my luggage to take them back to Japan. These guys aren't so big, being about 4" to 6" tall, but they still tower over minis nicely.