Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Man, Gygax could be wordy

I'm restocking parts of the Caves of Chaos that were previously cleared by a (slightly different) party in my West Marches game. Only one PC from that era of the campaign is still with them (although my son will be back in Busan in a little over a month and hopefully rejoining the campaign).

Anyway, I copy/pasted from the PDF of the module to a word processor, and I'm just deleting all these wonderful but extraneous details about the place. It's nice to have that detail there to help set the mood, or if the players start asking detailed questions. But in practice (at the table), I find it all just gets in the way of the important game elements.

So, stripping it all out. Saves paper anyway.


  1. My experience has been that running directly from any module is a bad idea. Even the most play-friendly ones tend to bury crucial details three paragraphs deep in descriptive text. I always prep my own notes, even if I don't plan to make changes.

  2. He was wordy in print. By all accounts he spoke like a normal person.