Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Chanbara is in Layout

I'm working on layout for print and ebook versions of Chanbara in my spare time. Unfortunately, the past two weeks or so I've been grading final papers for the semester (along with a few other work-related duties) so I haven't made any progress in that time. But it's coming along, if slowly.

I'm optimistically planning to get it all done during my winter vacation, preferably in January rather than February. I'll release the ebook as soon as I'm done with it, and once I get a print proof and decide it's good (with international shipping that may take a bit more time than I'd like) I'll release the print version.

I'll be selling it through One Book Shelf (DriveThruRPG), and plan to have a full color paperback version. I may also release a deluxe color hardback "collector's edition" if there's demand for it. But at only 64 pages or so, I don't think many people will clamor for a hardback.

Thanks again for all of your patience with this project of mine. I'm really glad I didn't try Kickstarter or GoFundMe for this. I can see exactly why so many one-person RPG projects on it are late or fail to come to completion.

Anyway, rejoice! Your chance to play old school style D&D with a jidai-geki twist is coming sooner rather than later!


  1. Finally! Oh man, this is exciting, for sure looking forward to this

  2. Excellent! How much money should I set aside for this?

    1. I'm going to charge $10 for PDF and $20 for full color paperback plus PDF bundle. Trying to encourage more people to buy the print version, which means the game will be more likely to actually get play.

      Lots of people tell me how much they love Flying Swordsmen, but I don't see or hear about many people actually playing it!

    2. FS/OA needs some module-priming material, so I'm starting a project similar to I1-Dwellers of the Forbidden City. It will go up on the OSR G+ group if you're linked.

    3. I saw one of your palace designs on G+ and it looks great. We can definitely use some piggy-back support/cross marketing for our products.

  3. Oh, and I'm over halfway done with layout as of today.