Wednesday, April 26, 2017

And it finally happened...

I had made quite a few final(ish) changes to Chanbara last month. I added a chart with various shinobi activities and standard TNs (target numbers) for them. I'd made a bunch of charts for rolling up random magic item powers, and charts for determining randomly what sort of item had been enchanted (more fun than having lists of standard items). I'd moved the campaign setting information to another file, to be released as a PWYW web supplement in order to free up those pages for the magic item charts and so on. I'd also come up with a random weather chart and some more concrete rules for wilderness exploration (based on the D&D Expert Set but not entirely identical).

Yesterday I lost my USB.

And I hadn't saved a back-up of the file on my work computer. I'm pretty sure I also didn't save a back-up on my home computer. But I'll need to wait until I get home from work this evening (and get the boys to bed) before I can check.

Yes, today, I kick myself.

Never fear, though. I more or less remember what I'd done. It'll just take time to re-do all of that.

Oh, and I'd copied the weather chart to use in my upcoming face-to-face 5E West Marches game, so at least I've got that.


  1. Sorry to hear it.
    I wrote my thesis on Google docs.
    A colleague lost a year of work with her USB.
    G docs is a lifesaver.

  2. Luckily everything for my current study and all my dissertation files are on the computer. It's just recent Chanbara files and some pre-gen PCs for my upcoming West Marches game that I lost.

  3. Ugh. I remember the first time I lost a USB with all my writing; I ended up using my beagle to find it (yes, it was outdoors, a few blocks from my house).

    These days I only write on my laptop...harder for it to fall out of a pocket.
    ; )

  4. That's my problem. I often have free time during work hours to write, but also write at home.

    1. @ Dennis:

      I understand completely. Really, I do.