Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Battle Most Simian

Being a continuation of the journal recording the travels and adventures of the Green Knight Jack Summerisle, and companions various and sundry, currently seeking a lost city in the strange underworld realm of Pellucidar, far beneath the surface of Eberron. 

Having brought our raft as far up the river as it seemed possible, or way being blocked by rapids and waterfalls, we took to the shore to continue our progress. The ground was rocky, and the black rocks sharp as blades. Having experimented some with the magic items gained from the Serpent Queen's treasure chamber, Yuv the Cleric of Bahamut donned a mask which allowed him to float into the air. Connected to myself by a rope to prevent him from blowing away in the winds, I borrowed the clawed gauntlet of the ghoul-enforcer from Jade and began to work my way up the treacherous cliff. While still climbing, a pair of demon-monkeys, which had been watching our progress, attacked viciously. One would scramble down, claw and bite, and then leap to relative safety, while the other continuously pelted us with sharp stones.

With Yuv and myself suffering these attacks and ineffective in returning paid to the enemy, Flagan the Halfling Monk scaled the cliffs with magical boots and joined the fray. Jade, Makarak, Thorvald, and Rhea offered some support with spells and missiles.

Then a third monkey, red, entered the combat with its evil eye. Whenever its foul gaze landed upon one of us, we could feel our magical prowess diminishing. Before her magic was totally drained, Rhea cast a spell on Makarak the Half-Orc Barbarian, transforming him into a gargantuan ape. In ape form, the barbarian quickly scaled the cliffs and turned the tide of the battle. The two white demon-monkeys were dispatched, although the red one escaped. Makarak, in ape form, assisted the remainder of the party up the cliff, and we crossed some dangerous territory before settling down to camp.

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