Friday, January 8, 2016

Playtest Commencing

Tomorrow night, I'm gonna run the updated, revamped and hopefully simpler version of Chanbara that I worked on (sporadically) all last year. The Busan Gamers are up for the challenge...I think. I've asked them all to make characters before the game, but I've only gotten a few cryptic comments/questions so far. Fingers crossed it's not just a char-gen session.

In addition, I've now got five willing players in my play-by-post play test game. While it'll be slower, it will give me a chance to test out more stuff.

Among the Busan Gamers, Dean wants to update his character Little Sparrow, originally a Sohei. The new Bushi/Sohei didn't seem right to him, so I suggested he consider a Shinobi/Taijutsuka (martial artist) with a religious background for his armorless, staff-wielding monk. Michael is planning to run a Shinobi of some sort, but I'm not sure which. I sent Justin an update of his Ronin character, as a Bushi/Abarenbo (rough, tough, rowdy warrior), but no response from him yet on that. And no word at all from Alexei or Jeremy.

In the online game, Jeff (a friend of friends) is playing a Shinobi/Kagemusha (magical ninja). The other players responded to an RPOL players wanted post, so they're strangers to me. One has rolled up a Shinobi/Uragata (disguise-master ninja), another has a Bushi/Kensei, and another has said he's going to make a Mahotsukai/Onmyoji (Taoist exorcist). The final player is torn between a Bushi/Samurai archer (or gunner?) and a Mahotsukai/Soryo (Shinto priestess).

So it looks like I'll get a good spread of classes to see how they all work in play, at least at low levels.

I've got my Ghost Castle Hasegawa adventure updated to the new rules (and with digital designed maps instead of the original hand drawn ones) for the RPOL game at least to start. For the G+ game, I've got the first adventure of my old 1E/2E OA Evansville game expanded and ready to go.

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  1. @ LordG:

    Will be interested to read about how the game goes, and any adjustments you end up making based on the playtesting. Good luck!