Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Figures have arrived!

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I ordered a bunch of little plastic figures for my son to play with, including the classic Galaxy Laser Team sci-fi figure set.

They arrived today, and my son was suitably impressed.  Here are a few hastily taken pictures (not the best quality, sorry) of all the little guys set up in ranks.  My son's a bit of a perfectionist/completionist. 

 Here is the whole big mess of them.

Everyone's favorite, the Galaxy Laser Team.  They look really large compared to the other sets.  I've got a couple of the Darth Vader knockoffs in my boxes of random RP related figures.  I'll try to dig them out later and see if they're the same scale as the classics, or if it's just that everything else is on a slightly smaller scale.

Masses of robots!  The ad said 140, we got 147, although one was deformed (looks like they ran out of plastic to pour in its mold).  completely random numbers, but there are six poses in four colors each.  If these were for a Star Frontiers or Gamma World game, yikes!  That would be a tough battle!  The zombies are there on the end of the second picture, in a nice toxic/radioactive green color.  My son thought all of these guys are the bad guys, so they got bunched together.  Sorry there's not a lot of detail on the zombies.  There are twenty of them, four each of five poses (two female, three male).

And here are the zombie hunters.  Slightly disappointing that we didn't get the swat/hazmat dudes from the Amazon ad (I should have read the comments, apparently they're either changed or randomized, not sure).  Anyway, we've got one swat-type with an M4 rifle, and four civilian survivors.  Crazy looking dude with an axe, chick wielding a knife in two hands (?), trucker/farmer with a crossbow, and a dude with a shotgun and a snazzy hat.  All of these (the zombies and the survivors) are really soft plastic, and the bases are concave hollows, so they don't stand up so well.  I'm planning to get some putty to fill in the bases and help keep them upright.

And here we have the cave men set.  Four poses, six of each for each color.  Big old neanderthal with club, and three cro-magnons with boulder, stone ax, and club.  The neanderthals would work well as ogres for standard RPG mini scale.  In fact, all of them could work.  And if you use true 25mm scale, any of these guys could be hill or stone giants.


  1. That looks like a game of Encounter Critical! just waiting to happen!

  2. I picked up Galaxy Laser Team a while ago, but I need to get the rest of them. Zombies, robots and cavemen, oh my!