Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Cartography of Ur

Justin posted a map of the ruined city of Ur on G+ at Jez Gordon's request.  I'm reposting it here mostly so I can find it more easily in the future.

Also, this is the first week of my Ph.D. course.  I plan to write up our latest Ur adventure, chronicling the sad demise of the beloved Venerable Carolus, but I've got a shit ton of readings to do.  Hopefully I'll get around to it later tonight or tomorrow.  Anyway, here's Justin's map and key of our above-ground explorations in Ur.

1. The Golden Pyramid that dominates the skyline. No one knows what's inside it.

2. A broken obelisk. Between here and #1 is the territory of the Spiked Circle, a demon cult active in the ruins.

3. Fort Low, home to the PCs.

4. An overgrown park where giant apes once lived before the PCs got there. A faction of beastmen live in the tunnels beneath these old neighborhoods. They helped the party once. Between here and #6 is an underground facility that serves as the border between the beastmen and the undercity dwellers, the ghouls.

5. The party has never been here but have heard of an artifact buried in a mausoleum near here.

6. A giant thorn maze that has overgrown several urban blocks. There's an entrance to the underground facility mentioned in #4 at the maze's center. The maze was once home to the Vulture warriors and their harpy consorts, but they were mostly killed by the party.

7. A ruined temple where the Vulture warrior champion was defeated.

8. The Alchemist's Tower now a trading post with the Hive at #10.

9. A swamp where herbs grow.

10. The Hive - basically a giant termite mound where humans and giant insects live in symbiosis. The party has dabbled in Hive politics and installed an allied faction as the local power. There are entrances to the undercity beneath the hive.

11. A ruined Spiked Circle fort that sits over the entrance to an ancient tomb, which the party failed to explore completely. There is now a slowly spreading zone of eternal night above this area.

12. During the Hive power struggle some mercenaries told the power to meet at this ruined temple for a "showdown". The party was smart enough not to fall for the trick. It remains unexplored.

13. An Observatory. The party has heard of a group called the Sky Hunters and thinks they might live here. The lizardmen at #16 fear them.

14. An overgrown structure at the center of the "zoo" (it's more a park). The lizardmen at #16 say the Diseased Ones live here with their "god".

15. A small pillbox that sits atop an entrance to the undercity. The party is currently here licking their wounds and mourning their fallen.

16. A lizardman village. They are significantly richer for having "rescued" the party from Orlock the Anchorite, a fire-weilding undead sun priest that meditates in one of the towers at #17. North-west of here the party fought the eagle-shark.

17. The sky-tombs of the Sun Priests. A plaza of towers open to the sun. The party looted some until they encountered Orlock and his fire magic.

18. A small lake with an island park at its center. The party hasn't quite figured out how to use Ur's portal system yet. But they ended up here after using a portal in the tunnels beneath the Hive.

19. The party saw a giant rise out of the ruins and walk west from here. They chose to go in the other direction.

20. Massive walls surround Ur that have equally massive "gates" in them. These look like art deco skyscrapers as if designed by Viggo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters.

21. Off shore from Fort Low are several islands. One is sacred to the Bear God. The party, currently at #15, hopes to get their fallen companion here so he can be resurrected. They have four days to do it.

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