Sunday, March 3, 2013

Return to Dragon's Delve

Last Friday was a holiday in Korea, so on Thursday night we (being Rick the DM, myself, Dean and Jeremy) played another session of Rick's Pathfinder game set in Monte Cook's Dragon's Delve megadungeon.  Dean plays Little Sparrow, a Human Monk (planning to multiclass Monk/Cleric at level 2), a staff-wielding friar.  Jeremy plays Harathys, a Human Fighter, rather mercenary in outlook.  I play Wooderson, an Elf Cleric of Manidono, purveyor of halfling herb, magic mushrooms, and other mind-altering goodies.  [Erin, not sure if you read this, but if you do, thanks for the inspiration!]

*Warning: module spoilers for the adventure.  If you think you might play this and don't want it spoiled, you should probably skip my Dragon's Delve posts in the future.*

We'd done a bit of RP in town (well, mostly Dean and Jeremy) and learned a few things.    We set out to explore the ruins with Evanerys the Elven Rogue (our NPC companion).  The entranceway, for those following along from my previous post or who followed Monte's Dungeon-a-day Blog where this thing got started, has three stairways.  This time, we returned to the pool room where we had found the books and fought the ghast.

There was another door with scratching sounds behind it.  Opening it, we managed to release another undead creature.  Luckily for us, it went down to one solid hit from Harathys's sword.  It was also inhabiting a small cell with no other doors or anything of interest.  Returning to the pool room (as in scrying pool, not billiards hall), we found a secret door to the north. 

It led to a short hallway with another secret door at the far end.  We heard some voices talking, but no one understood what they were saying.  Bursting out of the doorway, we found an orc/hobgoblin dinner party underway.  We were matched numbers wise, and they seemed tough.  The leader spoke common, and gave us a chance to identify ourselves.  Harathys failed at a bluff, but Wooderson's diplomacy and doobies earned us a chance to return the way we had came.

Exploring a bit more, there was another corridor from the pool room headed east.  It led to a room with a magically locked glowing blue door (Wooderson had heard rumors that these were password protected creations of a group known as the "Mages Four").  In another room, we found an ornate key.  And that seemed to be as far as we could go without the password or trying to fight the orcish dining club.

Returning to the entrance and then going west, we came to an oblong room with a skeleton at the base of the stairs we were descending.  Wary of traps, we found that there was nothing immediately threatening.  We did hear animal growling in the distance.  Wooderson also found a secret door in the floor.  The growling was getting nearer, so we prepared ourselves for battle.  It was a mountain lion, and we quickly dispatched it.  Following it back to the lair, we encountered its mate, guarding their young.  We spent a couple of ranged attacks and damaged it, but it didn't pursue.  Instead, it just held its ground and guarded its young.  Feeling bad about that (although there were some thoughts of trying to sell the cubs in town), we retreated back to the oblong room. 

The trap door opened onto a ladder going down.  We decided not to explore that yet.  At the south end of the room, a door led us down a slope into a very large room with catwalk-type galleries or balconies.  A trio of moldering skeletons were in the room.  We burned them with oil, avoiding potential dungeon funk mayhem, but also destroying any treasure they might have had. 

After that, we headed back to town.  We didn't find any loot, but we explored a fair amount of real estate, eliminated a few threats, and have some leads to follow up on in town.

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