Friday, April 27, 2012

Beast of the Week: Storm

This week, a dual stat beast of the week.  Inspired by movies like Big Trouble in Little China and Storm Riders, we've got yet another "Men" type that will work just as well in standard D&D type games, but also is one I should have put into Flying Swordsmen.  So the first dual stat Beast of the Week, the Storm!

[Classic D&D]
AC: 5 (15)
HD: 3**
Move: 120 (40) Fly 120 (40)
Attacks: 2 fists or 1 weapon
Damage: 1d4/1d4 or by weapon
No. Appearing: 1-4 (1-4)
Save As: E3
Morale: 9
Treasure Type: A
Alignment: any
XP: 65

[Flying Swordsmen]
AC: 15
HD: 3
Move: 60 Fly 60
Att: 2 weapons (+2)
NA: 1-4
Save: W3
Mle: 9
Stunts: M d4, A d4, I d3
XP: 325

Storms are men who have undergone rigorous mystical training to become martial artists in tune with the forces of nature.  [In Flying Swordsmen: Storms have the following Martial Arts Maneuvers: 4/2]  Each typically takes on two of the following traits, usable three times per day unless noted otherwise:
1. blast of wind (60' cone, 30' wide at far end, all in blast suffer 2d6 damage and must Save vs Spells/Earth or be knocked prone)
2. thunder clap (20' radius sonic blast, 4d8 damage, Save vs Breath/Fire for half damage)
3. lightning bolt (60' long, 5' wide line of electricity, 5d6 damage, Save vs. Spells/Earth for half damage)
4. ice storm (20' cube, 5d6 damage, Save vs. Spells/Water for half damage)
5. obscuring mist (100' radius cloud, provides cover)
6. cone of cold (60' cone, 30' wide at far end, deals 3d8 damage, Save vs. Spells/Water for half damage)
7. speed of the wind (haste/hasting tattoo, as spell)
8. deluge (90' cone, 40' wide at far end, deals 2d6 damage and pushes all in blast back to far end unless a Save vs. Paralysis/Metal is made)
9. water breathing (freely breathe water or air, always active ability)
10. lightning immunity (take no damage from electrical attacks, always active ability)
11. cold immunity (take no damage from cold attacks, always active ability)
12. gas immunity (take no damage from poison gas attacks, always active ability)


  1. A future mod for FS should be stunts/stats for a modern firearm user. Then, running BTILC style with Jack vs Wing Kong would be possible.