Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sketch 2, Thanksgiving, and some progress!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers.  We had a small but nice Thanksgiving dinner here with my family and my sister-in-law's family.  Big old smoked turkey drumstick sliced into bite-sized pieces for the kids, mashed potatoes, and some salad.  Simple, but delicious.

And thanks to everyone that reads this blog.  Even Woodstock.  Without you guys reading and enjoying (or trashing) what I write here, I wouldn't still be doing it.

This is the sketch I did last night, the second element for the cover of Flying Swordsmen.

I also checked a print shop near one of the universities right near where I work tonight, and they have a scanner that can scan A3 size paper.  My Zhongyang Dalu map is smaller than that, so it looks like I'll be taking my hand-drawn map there to get it scanned.  Then I just need to get the cover done, get a few more pictures from Dylan and some last minute edits.  Once all that's done, I think Flying Swordsmen will be ready for release.

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