Sunday, November 13, 2011

OA, OA, everywhere, and not a drop to drink

Um, OK, the literary allusion in the title is misleading.  Because it seems there are posts about Oriental Adventures related stuff all over the place lately.

Not only am I knee deep in Flying Swordsmen RPG (wuxia kung fu fantasy), but Fabian at Blade Sharp is working on a conversion of the original OA to Labyrinth Lord.

In addition, Dangerous Brian is converting horror modules to OA.

BrunoMac has some OA musings and inspiration, and a recommended movie I need to watch.

Even James of the Underdark Gazette is working on a monk! 

Seems like there were a few other OA related posts over the weekend, but I'm having trouble tracking them down now.  Anyway, looks like more people than me have OA on the mind.


  1. I'm thinking a lot of folk who have done OA are like me, and wish they had run/played it more in the past. It's like some kind of rare treat.

  2. Yeah, a lot of gamers I know enjoy OA. They just don't want it as their default setting. Both times I've run OA games they've been a blast, but both were also short-lived campaigns.

  3. The best OA style ruleset I've seen in years is the Ruins and Ronin (Whitebox) rules - all it needs is the Ninja supplement and an honour point system and it's as good and complete as OA (my reference being 1st ed) - very compatible with most of the clones.

  4. I am running a straight AD&D OA game right now, although I am using the experience as a test to see what I want to cut out or fix for future OA campaigns. Other than that I agree that Ruins & Ronin is great, I just can't get my players interested in an edition of D&D that early, they want AD&D 1st edition.