Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Maritime Campaign about to set sail

Looks like we're finally getting things going! This Saturday, we're going to launch the Maritime Campaign.

Last Saturday night, board games fell through again, so Josh and I ended up drinking in front of a convenience store (legal here in Korea to do that). We were both pretty drunk--I was on my third bottle of baeksaeju, Josh his fourth--when Dave happened to wander by. I called him over, we started talking, then I went to take a piss and he and Josh started talking. They worked out their differences, and so Dave is in!

Alex, who normally doesn't want to play any version of Classic or pre-2000 AD&D, is excited about the sandbox oceanscape, with no demands on battling monsters or fulfilling quests unless they choose to do so.

Josh is just itching to play anything, since we've had so many cancellations.

The only down side is that Dave is going on a trip up to Gyeongju on Saturday to see the old Silla kingdom ruins, and probably won't be back to play. So it might just be me and Alex and Josh. But we'll roll up characters, see what sort of ship they end up with, and just hand-wave that Dave's characters are part of the crew.

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