Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dragon Fist

Anyone else remember Dragon Fist? Chris Pramas's 2E based martial arts RPG that Wizards put out as a free download just before 3E came out?

With my Oriental Accents articles seeming to be a hit (at least compared to my normal traffic), a sumo tournament going on, and the fact that the Maritime Campaign keeps getting put off, I decided to print myself up a new hard copy at work.

Finished the printing and comb bound it today. Maybe I'll actually get to play it again someday (ran a 2-session test run back in the early Oughts and had a blast).

Related to that, does anyone know of a good place to get cheap plastic kung fu/wuxia minis en masse like army men style? I've got a set of 54mm Boxer Rebellion figures and some samurai/ninja stuff, but nothing like what you see in the movies.

Anyone got a lead?

Post Script--since Pramas isn't doing anything with this, it might be a prime candidate for a free retro-clone. Again, if I ever get the time.


  1. I freaking loved this game. I ripped it off liberally for my 2nd edition games, by combining the leveled martial arts maneuvers (& pseudo spell progression tables for learning them) with the classic martial arts system from 1e OA/2e Ninja's handbook, so that I could create a 2e monk that learned Dragon Fist martial arts maneuvers as it leveled up. It was the heyday of my 2e gaming, and I remember it with great fondness.

  2. Is the original available for download? I always wanted to take a look at it but never got the chance.

  3. The original isn't officially available, but a quick Google search turned up a link to the first chapter at least on Scribd.

    I've also been known to share the wealth with people on Dragonsfoot or elsewhere that asked nicely...

  4. In my top 5 of games I want to finally play. I think a retro-clone is an excellent idea. Hell, maybe the thing to do would be to approach Pramas about developing the game for the old school audience using the OGL and OSRIC. If you need any help on the project, count me in.