Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To Boldly Go Where I've Already Gone Before

So, I'm thinking about options for running some Star Frontiers with the Board Game Group. To do so, I need to:

A: Keep it simple enough that the Koreans don't get lost (skip the techno-babble and overly intricate plotting)

B: Keep it complex enough that the Americans/Canadians don't get bored (don't just have it become tactical battles with the counters and the Port Loren map)

Going through what I've got here in Korea of the old adventures I ran in the past, I realized how often we just rolled up some stats for some space pirates, Sathar agents, or some monsters and set them loose on one of the maps or another for our characters to fight. I do have some actual adventures, of the planetary exploration kind, but not that many.

So my options seem to be:

1. Volturnus. I've got all 3 modules. I could run them. Not sure if I'll hold everyone's attention long enough, and with the way some people skip sessions often, it could be hard to maintain verisimilitude if some characters disappear for portions of the adventures.

2. One of my old module-type adventures. They're full of inside jokes that my friends and I enjoyed as teens, but are probably pretty lame now, and the adventures tend to be things I created late, so they're for fairly experienced characters.

3. Just do what we mostly did before--flavor of the week simple stuff, but try to come up with some sort of links that tie them together (impending Sathar invasion, megacorp political/economic warfare, planet with lost alien civilization that could spell doom or salvation for the Frontier, etc.)

#3 is likely best, but it also means the most work for me--at least until I can work in one of those old adventures I've got lying around.

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