Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Korean Gamers

So tonight was supposed to have been board game night. Quite a few people weren't going to make it, but I thought we'd have enough for a small game or two. Turns out I was delayed (wive, sister-in-law, and 2 babies in the house can do that), so Amy was there by herself. She called me and I told her I'd be there ASAP, but she got tired of waiting and went home. I get there, waiting for Pat and maybe Alex, when Pat texts me saying he's gonna be later than planned. I text him back, saying let's just call it off for tonight.

Anyway, for the past 3-4 weeks (we've played on Tuesdays), there's been a group of Korean kids--probably college students, cause if they were working for a Korean company they'd likely still be at the office or out drinking with the coworkers at 8:00 on a week night. They play 4E D&D. They've got the rules in English, but play in Korean. The DM is a woman, and most of the players are men.

They were there tonight (Wednesday) as well. I wonder if they play every night? That's some dedication to gaming, folks! Wish I had that kind of time, and players that interested in my games.

(And no, my Korean is nowhere near good enough to play with them, especially if it requires learning 4E.)


  1. Tabletop RPGs in Asia is a subject that I find fascinating -- if only for the near-total lack of data available on the subject. I would love to dig into some English translations of Japanese 'tabletalk' games, for instance.

  2. Yeah, I still kick myself for not buying the Mentzer Basic and Expert sets in Japanese. They were available at the Shinjuku Yellow Submarine hobby shop, but my wife talked me out of it because of their cost.

    Never saw Sword World for sale, but definitely would have bought it if I had.