Friday, June 4, 2021

Gamma Goodness

 A few weeks ago, Tim Brannon gave a review of 1E Gamma World, or to be more specific, the PDF/POD combo from DriveThru/WotC. I got my start with a bit of GW2E that my cousin had borrowed from a friend. But since he had to return it, we never really got to play it. Oh, and I was in love with the setting from the Endless Quest book Light on Quest's Mountain (one of the better entries in the EQ series, at least as far as I've read). Later, in the early 90's, I picked up the 4e, which I've blogged about plenty before. It's my go-to version of Gamma World. 

But I'd always been curious about the first edition, so after reading Tim's post (link above), I ordered it. I got the PDF right away, of course, but only gave it a cursory skimming. The POD book arrived today. I'm always happy with DriveThru's international shipping rates. It wasn't that much. Also, thanks to everyone who purchased Chanbara. I got this with Chanbara profits. 

The book is slim, only 60 pages, and that's counting the "pull out" reference sheets and map at the back. The quality of the print is good, easy to read. It's perfect bound, so probably won't stand up to too much wear and tear at the table, if I were to run a long term dedicated GW game with it. But I'll probably mostly use it for sprinkling some GW oddness into my West Marches game (I've already got a zone of GW in there, using my 4E rules).


  1. I also purchased a copy of the POD 1E GW a while back. I really like it, though I haven't yet had the chance to use it.

  2. Just received my POD 1e rulebook and GW1 Legion of Gold.

    What I love about the 1e is Tom, Tim, James and Gary's promise of providing a skeleton of a game campaign in a dangerous world populated men and mutants and relics of ancient mankind. Space Fantasy they call it. I called it Thundarr the Barbarian and Planet of the Apes and every doomsday movie or book I had read by then! The allure is still strong with just the merest glimpse of Trampier's cover makes my mind blossom.