Sunday, July 24, 2016

The jorogumo must die!

Another successful Chanbara playtest!

Last time, Dean and Jeff's characters died at the hands of a jorogumo (demonic spider-woman). This time, Alexei's Samurai and Dean's new Sohei used some clever tricks to defeat the monster easily, mostly avoided a few traps, and rescued a trapped kirin. In the process, they gained some treasure (finally) and also a few magic weapons.

There were some magic weapons in the very first adventure that they could have acquired, but they missed out on them. Now, five sessions (or is it six?) later, they've finally managed to get their hands on some.

We played this session at 5th level, but since only two players could come, I'm going to stay at 5th for our next session, which will hopefully be sometime next month, sooner rather than later. I'm also doing some edits on the rules draft, based on these play test games, but nothing major needs to be changed. It's mainly just fixing a few discrepancies, clarifications of effects or abilities, etc. The game holds up through the first half of the level spread. Hopefully the higher level adventures play similarly well.

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