Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lack of Promotion

One problem with me lacking much time for blogging (although I seem to be picking up again at the moment) has been that I've not been promoting my line of reasonably priced printable paper miniatures for RPG and other tabletop games.


I haven't made any sales - not even the free sample - since October. So time to dust off my inner P.T. Barnum and get to promoting!

Why would you want to download these ebooks? Well, if you like to use minis in your gaming, but often find that you don't have the right monsters (or enough monsters!) in metal or plastic, you can print off some of these to fill out your collection.

Player's character dies? Print up his new figure!* The PC one works well for NPC parties, too!

All the cool kids purchased them before October. You don't want to be left out, do you?

Got kids like mine who like to just play around with little monster figures? This is great for them, too. Keeps their grubby little mitts off of your expensive Warhammer minis.** And when they eventually break them, you can just print a few more!

The cost of one set, which contains over 30 figures that you can print until your printer is dry, is less than or equal to the cost of a single metal mini.

/Made in Korea. Batteries not included. Action figures sold separately. Ages 6 and up. May cause a strong desire to game, annoyance from your significant other, and/or the necessity to change your printer cartridge. Consult your DM before rolling up a new character. Jokes in the fine print? No one reads that anyway./

*Works best if you have a color printer in the location where you game.

**My older boy actually DOES like to play with paper minis on my old Dragonstrike game boards.


  1. Grabbed the Basic Adventurers just now. Been in my Wishlist forever. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. They are pretty cool! I'll have to get a review up soon.