Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Maximizing Profits

Just had a random idea that would make a (potentially friendship ending) interesting game idea. Probably it would be a better idea for a D&D movie.

Chaotic (and or Evil depending on your alignment system of choice) party enters dungeon.

Facing of monsters, avoiding of traps, solving of puzzles ensues (preþy standard so far).

As the party, loaded down with treasure heads to the surface again, characters start trying to bump each other off (some making it look like accidents, others blatantly backstabbing their companions). Sorta like the Joker's bank heist at the beginning of The Dark Knight.

Only one PC makes it out, with most of the treasure. (Bag of holding required to make this work.)

If a movie, the ironic twist at the end would need to be the lone survivor, bruised and bloody, encounters a lone kobold who slays the PC and takes the loot.

Like I say above, it might not play well for a regular group. Maybe as a convention game, it could work.


  1. There's a demo adventure for Burning Wheel that operates on this concept. It's called "The Sword":

  2. This sort of reminds me of how my Cyclopedic D&D campaign in college ended...only it happened organically. (It wasn't one of those planned campaign endings, y'know?)

  3. That's the kind of "surprise twist" that gets a DM tarred and feathered.
    ; )

    1. I did classify that ending as for a movie. I ain't that dumb. :D