Sunday, September 22, 2013

Death in the Sky Tombs

Last night, rather than Vaults of Ur, Justin ran a straight up Stars Without Number game.  He had run a session of it months ago.  I'd made my PC, Gawain "Greasebox" Mifune, a technician style Expert, but then wasn't able to play.  Dean's PC Fighterman Jung (a Dr. Who style Cyberman), and Jeremy's PC Killbot5000 (using some android rules from I don't know where) explored a starjammer style ship.

This time, Justin decided to retcon the spelljammer stuff out, and run a more straight up sci-fi game, Panoply Sector.  All of our characters, plus some backups were stranded on Brightside Station, a mining colony in the asteroid sea (there are no planets) around a red giant star, known as "The Beast."  In order to escape near indentured servitude, we'd need to scrounge up 500 credits each without owing our souls to the company store (you know the old song, right?).  Quick way to get rich?  Explore the Sky Tombs of an extinct alien race!

Since we had backup PCs, I should give a roster:
Jeremy -
Killbot5000, combat machine (droids don't get classes, they just have skill sets)
Dr. Atari, super-intelligent science droid on a scraped together junk frame
Dean -
Fighterman Jung the Cyberman, Warrior who will die if not encased in a cybernetic life support suit
Sister Pomepeius Isabella, Psychic Bene Gesserit 9-year old girl
Me -
Gawain "Greasebox" Mifune, Expert technician, crack repairman
Tommy "Six" Gunn, Warrior hotshot space cowboy
Dr. Zoltana, Expert xenologist seeking to study the aliens who left the tombs

After securing slave wage jobs, finding an NPC protector for Sister Pompeius, and getting ripped off by the company outfitting shop, we secured passage to a Sky Tomb on the Leadbelly, piloted by the guy in a wheelchair from Alien 4.  We selected our first away team were Killbot5000, Sister Pompeius, and Greasebox, plus beefy NPC dude whose name I didn't commit to memory.

We explored a bit, and found the place habitable and fully powered.  After opening a locked door, we found some alien artifacts, but apparently tripped an alarm.  Shortly thereafter, we were surrounded by giant black carapaced things which killed Pompeius as she skipped up to a door without checking around a corner, Greasebox as he tried to run back to the airlock to call for help, and then NPC dude and Killbot as they made a stand.


It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to see if our reserve PCs will fare any better next time!

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