Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another Delve, Another Dollar

After a brief discussion and several requests, I ran my Megadungeon again last night for the... can't really call us the "Busan Gamers" anymore, since Justin's up in Pohang and Rick's up near Seoul (forget exactly which city he's in, sorry Rick!), and they plus Jeremy (who is in Busan, along with me) were my players. 

I think I may have to bring back the Mao-tze Tigers group name.  One of these days, I am hoping that Jez Gordon of the Kanga-Rat Murder Society games with us again, he was a blast to play with.

Anyway, the dungeon.  The adventure.  The horrors.  The glory.

I'm really gonna keep it short, as I'm hoping one of the guys will do a proper write-up for bonus XP.  Four PCs and one NPC (Valeria the Fighter from the previous session) again went through the side entrance guarded by the "gnomosexuals" and three came out alive, with a bit of treasure to show for it, and a plan to get at a bow they assume to be magical that they can see but not reach. 

The plan's a good one, and if they can afford enough booze to keep the gnomes happy, it just might work!

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog silence and grad school readings.

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