Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dead in the Water

Last night I attempted to rally the troops for our next scheduled game this Saturday.

Dave is busy with job hunting and can't make it. If he gets the job as a professor in Daegu tomorrow, he'll be leaving soon.

Lucy is now in Seoul doing an internship for the summer (will return in September).

Alex is available, but if it's just him and Josh he's not interested in playing (as he's stated before). At least Alex had some good constructive criticism for me on how to make the game go a bit smoother. It's refreshing after all the complaints lodged against Classic D&D by him.

Didn't even hear from Josh. He's usually the first to reply to any messages.

Anyway, we may be getting together with Steve for board games instead of RPGs on Saturday. I get the feeling we won't be returning to the Maritime Campaign ever.

Oh well, I may still finish writing up the skeleton notes for the maps I made and posting them as a sandbox module for Labyrinth Lord or something. We'll see.

In other news, I've started work on the Dragon Fist simulacrum game. I've got the character class descriptions/charts done. Kits (renamed Profiles) are next.


  1. I hate when this happens. I totally feel you.

    Putting a campaign together should not be nearly as difficult as it sometimes is.

    I can only imagine it being worse for you, being an expat and all.

    Hope things turn around.

  2. The cards of of good quality, and the production value is high. The artwork is excellent, and reflects the game's morbid humor quite well. This game will go well with the competitive player who has a sense of the tongue in cheek. People have called it a "more serious version of Munchkin", but I think that's an inapt comparison. Munchkin, while funny, isn't really that great of a game, and isn't really replayable over and over. I think Cutthroat really shines in comparison by being a tighter game. Most of us have played games of Munchkin that have 5 expansions shoe-horned into it.