Thursday, January 7, 2010

RPG Projects

So I'm working on some things. Have been for a while, so I can't really put up a "coming soon" banner or anything, but here are those things I'm working on. They'll all be free downloadables once I finally get around to posting them somewhere.

Unique Magic Weapons
This document is intended as a DM aid, detailing 100 magic swords, 100 other melee weapons, and a bunch of magical ranged weapons and ammunition (100 total entries, it's about 40/60 weapons to ammo). It's to avoid the 'another +1 sword?' problem.

This one's complete, and ready to go.

Unique Magic Wands, Staves, and Rods
Similar to the above, this details 100 wands, 50 staves, and 20 rods for use in adding a layer of coolness to these magic items. I've got quite a few new items on here, where the magic weapons tend to be mostly by the book.

This one's complete, but needs to be proofread.

Unique Magic Armors and Shields
The third document in the series (I may to Rings...or may not). Again, it lists and describes lots of magic armors and shields, so DMs don't have to give out generic magic armors. It's got 100 total entries, with 25 being just shields, 50 just armor, and 25 armor and shield sets (50 shields, 75 suits of armor total).

This one's still being written. I've got to do the descriptions for plate armors, suit armors, and all of the combination sets. And maybe rework lots of names so that they're not all "Gawain's Hauberk" or "Aragorn's Breastplate." Wands/Staves/Rods already suffers from that, whereas weapons tend to have names already, or they are easy to give a name that fits.

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