Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's up with the gaming group?

Things are getting a little strange with my gaming group. We meet up once a week to play board and card games. We've been getting more people in the group, which makes it harder to coordinate everyone's schedules--and my schedule is one of the most demanding.

Currently, we're rotating which nights of the week we play on, Mon. through Thurs. This lets the most people attend the most number of games, but prevents us from ever having everyone there. Last night (Mon.) was our game night this week. We played Dominion (first time I've won it) then Risk (I won again thanks to some freakishly amazing dice rolls and the fact that we were playing with ever increasing card set values).

We've also been trying to get some sort of Saturday RPG thing going. Looks like we may finally be able to get it going next month. Unfortunately, everyone who will be there for RPGs wants to play different games. Everyone's more or less up for anything, but everyone's got a strong preference for something. And the system that we can all get behind isn't good old Classic D&D, it's 3E (3.5, technically).

On the up side (I don't mind playing 3E, but I've already done just about everything with it that I feel like I want to do, and I'd rather go for 4E...but that's beside the point), the guys who also like Old School D&D still want me to bring in Classic to our normal board game nights on the nights when Steve (who just hates RPGs and prefers mathematical/strategy games) and Alex (who likes RPGs, just not Classic) won't be there.


  1. I had a similar experience, where some people wanted to play D&D, and proposed 3.5

    I was lucky, and convinced them to try Labyrinth Lord, which they loved.

    Doesn't sound like you'll have the same luck however.

    I've had Risk and Supremacy sitting out for the last 3 weeks, but all the boardgamers want to play Catan instead (which I'm perfectly okay with, but it would be fun to mix it up a little)

  2. Like I said, it's not that I mind playing 3.5, just that I'd rather play something else (even 4E). Alex, who I mentioned, though, really gets his kicks from the min/maxing of characters that WotC's editions allow, so he can't stand the idea of going back to an edition where Fighters don't get feats or M-Us only start with 1 spell per day.

    I think I'm gonna play a Human Fighter in this game, just to be different!